1- I am a non-Turkish student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. The competition is open to all students regardless of nationality.

2- I've already completed my PhD. Can I apply?

You can apply if it has not been more than one year after your PhD graduation date.

3- Can I submit an unpublished paper as part of my portfolio?

Yes you can, but published papers would strengthen your portfolio more than unpublished ones.

4- I have more than one published papers. Can I submit all of them in my portfolio?

Please submit your best paper only. List other papers in your CV.

5- Can I re-apply if I made an application in the previous years?

Yes you can if you were not awarded in the previous competitions including honourable mention.

6- Can I apply if I am a first-year PhD student?

Yes, the competition is open to PhD students at all levels.

7- My PhD work is interdisciplinary, which category should I apply for?

You should submit your application to the category which is most relevant to your work.