How to Apply

We encourage all PhD candidates and recent PhD holders to apply for this prestigious award.

Documents to be included in the application

1. Resume: Your CV should include the following information:
- Name
- Education history
- Publications (including all authors in the order it appears in your publication, journal name, year, volume and pages)
- Conference presentations (only those presented by you)
- Awards, honours, and recognitions

2. Research Statement: A research statement up to 600 words must be submitted. This should be written using a language that can be understood by someone who is not an expert in your discipline. In your statement;
- Introduce the topic of your research and explain its academic significance
- Summarise your methodology and research settings
- Describe your findings and specify why they are novel
- Indicate the broader contributions of your research
- Explain why your work should be awarded in this competition

You may include one figure in your research statement.

3. Representative Paper: This can be both published (journal/conference paper) or unpublished work (thesis chapter, extended abstract, etc.)

Please submit your research portfolio via before 5 pm, Monday, 28 March, 2016.