ABTA Innovation Conference

ABTA Innovation Conference

Association of British Turkish Academics (ABTA) organized an ‘Innovation Conference’ in 2011 at the London School of Economics where academics from both Turkish and British universities were present.     

The conference took place on Saturday 19th November 2011 and began its day with an opening speech by the ABTA Advisory Board member Professor Sevket Pamuk who is also the Chair of Contemporary Turkish Studies at London School of Economics. Professor Pamuk underlined the importance of collaboration between Turkish and British academics. He also stated that the role ABTA plays in creating these collaborations is evident and greatly appreciated.

The Innovation in Medical & Health Sciences session of the conference consisted of presentations by Professor Mustafa Djamgoz from Imperial College, Dr Guliz Gurel Ozcan from Yale University and Mr Faruk Ozalp from Newcastle University. The speakers presented their latest work in health and medicine and explained the importance of innovation for this sector.

The conference continued with speakers for the Innovation in Business and Finance as the second session of the conference took lead. Turk Telekom R&D Director Enis Erkel and Turk Telekom CEO advisor Dr Rasim Ozcan presented the innovative solutions achieved by Turk Telekom, therefore creating a place for themselves as a high achieving telecommunications company not only in Turkey but across the globe.

Professor Gulnur Muradoglu from City University and Dr Alper Kara from Hull University described the current financial crisis and discussed various solutions. They both concluded by stating that innovation has much to offer in easing the crisis.

In the third and final session of the conference Innovation in Design and Engineering was debated. Professor Izzet Kale from Westminster University, Professor Serpil Acar from Loughborough University and Mr Peter Hicks from London Technology Network presented a talk each. Each speaker discussed the link between innovation and engineering and underlined the fact that innovation is apparent in our every day lives in the form of new technologies and designs.

After a very successful day, ABTA Executive Board Member, Dr Bilal Gokpinar took centre stage to conclude the conference. He thanked all the participants on behalf of ABTA and reassured all members that ABTA will continue to organize events to bring Turkish and British Academics together.

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