Annual Lunch 2015 - Prof Umran S Inan, Rector of Koc University

Annual Lunch 2015 -  Prof Umran S Inan, Rector of Koc University

6th Annual Lunch of Association of British Turkish Academics was held in London on the 10th of October 2015, Saturday. The lunch was took place in a fantastic atmosphere at London Business School (LBS).

ABTA Annual Lunch began at 1.30 pm with an opening reception. The event was introduced and welcomed by Dr Yaman Dalanay. The keynote speech of the event was made by Prof Umran Savas Inan (the rector of Koc University, Turkey). Prof Inan shared his experience of academic journey and he presented the current activities of Koc University, at which he has been working as the rector since 2009. In his speech, he emphasised the reasons bringing the success for a qualified education and what kind of opportunities Koc University does have recently.

After the welcome remarks, a delicious lunch was served in a warm environment. During the lunch, participants had the opportunity to talk with their colleagues and to meet new academics.

The lunch was followed by the traditional ABTA Quiz which promoted socialising among the participants. The groups that formed by the participants showcased their knowledge in a very competitive way. The quiz consisted of different questions related to science, history, arts and culture which were expected to be interesting to all academics from different fields.
Quiz winners were awarded tickets for London Philharmonic Orchestra concert,
'World Premiere of Lindberg's Second Violin Concerto' in Royal Festival Hall.

Participants had a great chance of enjoying a Saturday afternoon accompanied by fellow academics.

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