Loughborough academics Professor Serpil Acar and Professor Memis Acar receive Enterprise Award


Seatbelts can reduce the risk of death in a car crash by 61% if worn correctly. Certain people, especially pregnant women have difficulties adjusting the seatbelts to their bodies as they occur changes to their body shape. Professor Serpil Acar from Design School and Professor Memis Acar from School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has developed SeatBeltPlus address this challenge. They reveal that only 11% of pregnant women wear seatbelts in the correct position reveals the Loughborough University based research and even if they wear the seatbelts, it does not stay in its correct position throughout the journey. The best protection is provided when the seatbelt is worn correctly. SeatBeltPlus is underpinned by 10 years’ research, led by Professor Serpil Acar, funded by the EPSRC in collaboration with industrial companies.

Prior to working in the Department of Computer Science/Research School of Informatics, Prof. Serpil Acar began her career at the Middle East Technical Univeristy (METU) and then moved on to Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Design Departments at Loughborough. She has founded the ‘Biomechanics and Injury Prevention’ research group at Loughborough as well as leading the Interdisciplinary Computing Research Division. Prof. Memis Acar, who worked closely with Prof. Serpil Acar, graduated from METU with BS in Mechanical Engineering. He started his career at Loughborough as a research assistant and then moved on to postdoctoral research fellow. He then became a lecturer at the University where he is a professor of mechanics.

The SeatBeltPlus is specifically designed for pregnant women and offer a low-cost and an effective safety restraint system. The belt is applied to the conventional, three-point seat belt to ensure correct wearing during any journey. The belt continually holds the lap portion of the belt in the correct position while allowing the function of the standard seat belt to carry on and it guides the shoulder belt between the breasts and at the side of the bump.

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