Mision & Vision


The progress of science and education during this century has made possible the dramatic improvement of the welfare of the society. Scientific research and education represents an unlimited resource of knowledge supporting both the economic and social development and the improvement of the welfare of society. With this in mind, our major objective is to promote education and science both in the UK and in Turkey at various platforms (e.g., science and education related conferences, academic institutions, etc.) by various means (e.g., newsletters, publications, presentations.)

Today, science is primarily of international nature, and the enrichment of science requires close collaboration among scholars and scientists across different countries. UK, being a world leader in higher education and scientific research, and Turkey, a rapidly growing and influential country with young population offers unique opportunities for scientific and educational cooperation. With our membership base including Turkish academics and researchers in the UK universities, and British academics with an interest in science and education in Turkey, our goal is to promote educational and scientific cooperation between the two countries.

In many countries, the interest of the general public in science and scholarly activities trends to deteriorate, and, in particular, many young people have lost their interest in science. Turkey and the UK are no exception. Our goal is to promote science and science-based activities among the youngsters, provide opportunities for them to realize their full potential, and actively encourage the young people to pursue academic advancement, science and research-focused careers.

ABTA aims to establish a rich membership base including Turkish academics, British academics, and Turkish-British academics. Most of our members will be scientists and scholars who actively engage in scientific and educational activities. It is important for these members to develop their full potential, and become productive members of their respective academic and scientific fields. To achieve this, we aim to promote friendship and fellowship among our members by organising social and professional activities.


Association of British Turkish Academics strives to build bridges of science, understanding, knowledge, learning, friendship, and innovation between the U.K. and Turkey.